Cali Carter Camsoda Confessional

Cali Carter Camsoda Confessional

Cali Carter Shares Her Love For Threesomes, Average Dick, And Cosplay
Now, we asked Cali a bunch of random questions. Most of them were related her having sex both in her personal and professional life.

We kicked things off by asking her how long she’s been in the industry. This is her fifth year in the industry as she got started in February 2013. Her story isn’t that she couldn’t find work or that she didn’t know what she wanted to do. In fact, quite the opposite. Cali kicked off her the full-time work life and hated living that 9-5 lifestyle. On New Years, she decided that she had enough of the 9-5 hustle and hated it so much that she decided to take a month to work her way into the adult industry.

Girl Versus Guy
We asked Cali what the biggest difference between having sex with a guy versus a girl was and she said, “Not that much of a difference.” Foreplay is very important in both cases. However, with women, the foreplay might be more important. When fucking a guy, it’s hardcore sex and typically easier. Cali said that women are just more intimate for the most part.

Better Kissers?
We wanted to know who Cali thought was a better kisser on average. Was it guys or girls?

Her answer was not shocking at all. She said that women typically go in soft and get it a bit better than men. That said, the women are better kissers.

Ideal Penis Size
Most porn stars love big dicks. They love the girth and length, but not Cali Carter. Assuming you’re an average guy downstairs then you’ve got a good chance with Cali. She just likes average which is like 5″ to 6″ max. Pushing 7″ is too big for her. Cali Carter likes average because it gets her off the best. She doesn’t like a super thick dick. Just be average and you’ll be in the running.

We then moved on to discuss things that Cali hasn’t done that she wants to do. One thing that she mentioned was that she likes to do cosplay type stuff these days. You know, the character type dress up stuff. Cali loves playing the superhero role every chance she gets.

Fun Fact Time
Here are some fun facts that you’ll want to know about Cali Carter, especially if you get the chance to ever fuck her. She absolutely loves having threesomes in her personal life. Her ideal threesome is a girl/girl/boy setup without putt too much of an emphasis on her. Seriously, she thinks it’s the best ever. Cali loves being with a woman but needs a dick to get off, so a G/G/B setup is the best of both worlds for her.

Of course, it only made sense that we wanted to know what she thought about threesomes versus orgies. Cali said that she likes threesome because believe it or not, she hates orgies. According to Cali Carter, they’re just too busy with too much going on. She’s only done three orgies and she just doesn’t want all that dick at the same time. More than two dicks and she can’t handle it.

Since she’s so into having threesomes, we wanted to know what she likes when it comes to dating. Does she prefer dating men or women? Oddly enough, she loves women but doesn’t want to date them. Cali said that they are too crazy, and they complain a lot. Most of the women that she’s met in her lifetime have been high maintenance and men are low key. So in summary, she likes women but dates men.

We then moved on to discussing BDSM type stuff and based on her reaction as well as answers, it didn’t seem like she was into any of it really. Sure, some light stuff in the bedroom with her partner but nothing on cam.

Now, we ended things discussing something amazing, seriously! Cali Cart has a squirting scene coming soon! It’s a really big squirt scene and she even took her women viagra for this one. Trust me she’s going to be squirting everywhere. You’re going to love it no doubt!

In the meantime, I’d like to suggest that you connect with Cali Carter via Camsoda and set up a live chat session with her. You’ll love every second of it, I promise!

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