Elena Koshka Camsoda Confessional

Elena Koshka  Camsoda Confessional

Porn Star Elena Koshka’s Confessional Video Reveals It All

Elena’s been in the industry for about two years now. She takes breaks here and there and only does girl on girl at times. She didn’t explain why, but that’s what she said. Given her time in the industry she’s had fun and enjoys what she’s doing. Elena further confirmed that she’s always had fun experiences when shooting porn and every scene she’s done has been exciting.

Sex Positions
She confirmed that her favorite position while having sex on film is missionary position. Reason being, it’s the best position that she can get herself to orgasm most on camera. She does like the doggy style position as well, but not as much as the missionary position.

Getting Into Porn
We asked Elena Koshka what made her actually get into the porn industry and start filming? She mentioned that she went through a divorce and thought if she got into porn, guys would lust and fantasize about her, but not want to marry her. She wanted to experience new things as well and this was a way to do so. That’s one of the main reasons why.

Would You Rather
We asked Elena a few of our standard “Would you rather” questions.

Spit or swallow? Elena made it a point to confirm that it’s her job to swallow. She likes to swallow and because she’s vegan, she likes to get extra protein. Pretty witty answer, we love girls that swallow. I mean what’s not to love right!

Small penis or big penis? As far as dick size is concerned, a medium sized dick is all she needs to get off. She can grind it harder and cum for sure.

Tiny orgasms constantly or one giant orgasm less frequently? Elena confirmed that she’d be satisfied with one giant orgasm less frequently. She said that it’ll be so much better, a surprise and much more invigorating.

BDSM Scenes
Some girls are into BDSM and hardcore stuff like that but not this hottie. She’s not interested in it at all. However, Elena does enjoy playing the dominatrix role. If it involves hurting her though or pain, then it doesn’t bring her pleasure. If you’re looking for a cam girl that’s into that stuff, then you need to connect with this girl here.

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