Aiden Ashley Camsoda Confessional

Aiden Ashley Camsoda Confessional

Aiden Ashley Video: Public Sex, Lesbian Threesomes, Masturbating & More

How’s everyone doing this week? We’re back with a fresh update for you and a Camsoda Confessional that you’ll surely enjoy. This week’s cam girl is none other than Aiden Ashley. Never heard of her? Well, then that likely means that you haven’t been watching much porn lately. This girl is very popular, in fact, she’s been starring in adult films since 2010 and there’s no sign of her slowing down anytime soon!

Although she’s pretty new to Camsoda.com, make no mistake about it, she knows exactly what she is doing in front of the camera. Allow me to share some background information on this hottie before we get down to business today. If you do a few searches on the Internet for “Aiden Ashley” you will eventually end up either on her profile page here at Camsoda.com or one of the many tube sites streaming free porn videos today. She’s all over sites like Pornhub, XVideos, and RedTube. That’s because she’s made a shit ton of porn! Nevertheless, I prefer to go cam to cam with her live any day over masturbating to a recorded clip of her having sex.

Aiden Ashley Talks Lesbian Porn, Greyhound Bus Sex & More
As always, we don’t like to waste time, so we got right down to business. The first thing we asked Aiden was how long she’s been working in porn. Aiden confirmed that she has been in the industry for 9 years. Yes, that’s a lot of vagina and lots of tongue action that she’s partaken in over the years. In just a few short weeks, she’ll be shooting her first girl/girl/girl anal scene. That’s for sure a scene that we’re all excited to see! She’s also going to play Catwoman in a scene.

Favorite Porn Part
We, of course, wanted to know what Aiden Ashley’s favorite part of shooting a porn scene is and her answer wasn’t as expected. Aiden said that she likes the first kiss. She can tell if it’s going to be a good scene or not right from the first makeout session. I guess she’s got a good point. There’s something extremely hot about two smoking hot girls french kissing on camera.

Sex Anywhere In Public
After asking her about her public sexcapades I can officially say that she’s done it in more crazy places than more. Aiden Ashley has had sex in a lot of public places such as the Eiffel Tower, a Greyhound bus, various concert venues, on stage and in lots of other places. We needed to know more about the Greyhound sex.

Aiden said that sex on the Greyhound bus was wild. She met a skater boy that had a big dick. Aiden thought for sure he was sleeping until he made a move and placed her hand on his dick. Soon after, they were making out in the bathroom at a truck stop. She got fingered by this kid and he didn’t even know she was a pornstar. They fucked and parted ways. He eventually found out she was in porn and they’re actually friends now.

How She Got Into Porn
This is a question that we don’t ask that often, but I’m glad we did when interviewing Aiden Ashley. Her story is quite interesting. She was in the music industry before the adult industry and actually went to college for music. While being low on cash at the time, she was at a bar after a music gig and had a conversation with some of her band members. They were asking what she was going to do with her life being broke and all.

She was joking around about becoming an adult film star, then some members of the band said she wasn’t sexy enough to do porn. So being a Scorpio and all, she was headstrong and began searching online for the top porn agencies in the local area. Yes, she was doing this at 3am. Aiden took selfies and sent them to three agencies. One of the top agencies called her the next day and the rest is history. Nine years later, she’s still doing it!

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