Allesandra Snow Camsoda Confessional

Allesandra Snow Camsoda Confessional

Allesandra Snow Talks Masturbation, Pegging, Hockey Sex & BDSM

We love newbies and Allesandra Snow is just that! Brand spanking new to the boy/girl porn world, she’s recently decided to cross over from girl/girl to boy/girl scenes. Did I mention how stunning she is? Seriously though! She was once afraid of porn penis. I’m guessing that means she’s afraid of that thick long dick. You know, the kind that looks like a Coke can, but longer. Yes, that penis!

We had to ask her, “Is there a size penis that she will not touch?” Her response, “Nope!” Allesandra Snow is willing to give it the college try and that’s all that the world asks of her. She’s ambitious enough to just try it out, for that we must give props.

Girl On Girl Porn
We had to know so we asked, “How long were you in girl/girl porn?” Allesandra Snow replied mentioning that she simply just dabbled in it a little bit. It wasn’t something that she did full-time until recently. One thing is certain, she’s perfect for porn, however way she’d like to film and with whoever she feels most comfortable. We just want to see her have sex on video. Better yet, we want to see her live on cam with the rest of the cam models!

Her Ideal Orgy

Allesandra Snow’s ideal orgy? We got to the bottom of this fast. She’s definitely into the idea of having an orgy. It’s not something she does in personal life, so it’s definitely a huge fantasy for her. As far as with who (men/women) she wants to try it all. She’s totally game for an all men, all women, whatever orgy opportunity anyone wants to present her with.

What’s her favorite sex position while shooting porn? She’s in to reverse cowgirl also really likes doggy style because, in the position, she’s able to hit it really hard and take a pounding.

Favorite Part Of Shooting Porn

I don’t think we’ve ever asked this question, but we wanted to ask Allesandra Snow to find out what part of the porn scene was her favorite. According to Allesandra, her favorite part of a porn scene is the foreplay and that pivotal point where it’s about to really go down hard and transition into a fuck scene. She also likes the very end as well. It didn’t take us long to figure out that she loves a solid cum shot. It makes her feel like a million bucks.

We also need to know if she had any fetishes? Guess what, yes she’s got some. She really wants to peg a guy. Allesandra doesn’t want to destroy the guy though, she wants the strapon dildo to be a little smaller than usual to start.

Sex Fantasy

This was possibly our favorite part of the confessional interview. Allesandra Snow admitted that she had a dream fantasy that we’ve never heard before. She loves hockey and gets so wet at games that she’s actually contemplated throwing her panties away due to being so aroused and soaked while attending. So, her having sex on the ice with her boobs smashed up against the glass just turns her on like you wouldn’t believe. Allesandra said that there’s a need for more hockey porn, lol.

Another fantasy that she’d like to eventually play out is fucking in an airport tower or high up on some staging at a construction site. She’s a risk taker.

What automatically turns her on? A guy that’s really creative and well-spoken turns her on like crazy. If you can fuck with her mind a little bit, then she’s instantly turned on. Either that or put on a hockey uniform and she’ll be DTF you.

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