Rhonda Round Camsoda Confessional

Rhonda Round Camsoda Confessional

Rhonda Round Sex Confessional: From Bathroom Fucking To Drake Threesome Fantasies

If you’re spending the night with Rhonda, then you’ll be happy to learn that she likes sleeping completely naked. Pajamas are overrated anyway right?

Public Sex & Type of Guys
Her public fucking experience took place in a bathroom. Not just any bathroom though, one in a college cafeteria.

Sure, there were some people outside at the time, but not in the actual bathroom. One person did walk in just as they were finishing up! This quickly led us to believe that she liked daring guys.

Threesome Fantasy
She told us that both Drake and Rhonda Rousey would be her choices for this crazy threesome. She chose Drake because, well, it’s Drake and what girl doesn’t want to bang him. She also chose Rhonda Rousey because she thinks that Rhonda’s super hot. In fact, her porn name stems from Rhonda as she truly likes her that much. That’s about all she had to share with us with regards to fantasies. In fact, she stated that there were no untapped sexual fantasies that she has yet to fulfill.

Favorite Body Parts
As far as Rhonda Round goes, she’s got an insatiable appetite for men with nice teeth, sporting a nice smile and broad shoulders. If you fit that bill, then you’ve got a pretty damn good chance!

Fetish or Interest
When it comes to sex, Rhonda’s a big fan so talking dirty. If you can’t talk dirty or deal with a naughty mouth in the bedroom, then you might not be the one for her. Speaking of fetishes, if you’re the type that likes to have sex in the car, then you’re not the one for Rhonda. The reason I say this is that car sex is her least favorite place to bang. Now, if you’re into have sex in the shower or just the most traditional place possible, the bedroom, then you’ve got something in common with this hottie.

Turn-ons & Turn-offs
These are two crucial pieces of information for anyone that’s sexually attracted to Rhonda Round. In fact, I can confidently say that avoiding or showcasing these can make or break your hookup chances with just about anyone. If you want to turn on Rhonda, then all you need to do is grab her neck, choke her a bit and nibble on her ear. You pull this stunt while fooling around with her and I know you’ll be banging her harder than you’ve ever banged in your life.

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