Vienna Black Camsoda Confessional

Vienna Black Camsoda Confessional

Vienna Black Talks Anal Sex, Orgies, Dick Pics, UFC Fucking

Signature Move In Bed
Well, get ready because her signature move in bed is to pass out immediately after getting off, LOL! If that answer is any indication how this confessional is about to go down, then you’re in for a real treat! We were dying laughing over that response.

Frequent Fantasy
Sometimes she wakes up in the morning and has this urge to want to be taken rough and being dominated in a quiet and naturally submissive way.

However, when she gets home at the end of the day, she wants something that’s sweet and romantic without all the dominant action. So her fantasies change constantly but either one way or the other for the most part.

Crazy Orgy
When asked what the most daring thing that Vienna’s ever done in bed was. she said it was shooting an orgy with a total of nine people. That’s a lot of people to be fucking all at once! She’s done a side by side couple before, but in terms of people and interaction, the nine-person scenario definitely takes the cake there. It was a big one, that’s for sure!

Unfulfilled Fantasies

Vienna claims that she has been able to recently learn that she loves using her feet while having sex. She didn’t even know that she liked using her feet while fucking. It’s all about trying new things as life progresses!

Instant Turn On Tip
If you want to turn on Vienna Black within a matter of seconds, then all you have to do is touch her over her panties. She likes the teasing. Touching her pussy over her panties always works like a charm. Guys, I hope you’re taking notes today!

Famous Fuck
If Vienna had the chance to fuck anyone famous, Connor McGregor would be on the top of her list. She loves watching UFC fighters on Youtube.

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