Naomi Woods Camsoda Confessional

Naomi Woods Camsoda Confessional

Naomi Woods Talks Fucking Guys, Bottoming Out, Thick Cock, Public Sex & More

Naomi has fantasized about fucking her teacher for years! She’s got the fantasy of playing the school girl with a teacher. Yes, it’s the typical fantasy with a hot teacher. You know, the scene where she’s gotten bad grades and is willing to do anything to bring them back up? That’s what she has wanted to do her entire life. It would start with her trying to touch the teacher’s cock and stuff like that. Then moving into some hardcore fucking and sucking for grades.

The main reason she’s had the fantasy is due to the fact that she has had super hot teachers while in school and always wanted to fuck them. Heck, if she was my student I’d fuck her every single day!

Public Sex

Naomi Woods is a HUGE fan of fucking in public. She likes having public sex more than you can imagine and has done some crazy public sex acts over the years. Naomi has given a blowjob under a tablecloth at a restaurant. She’s given a handjob on an airplane. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had sex in the air but would love to do that too one of these days. She’s had sex in dressing rooms and even in broad daylight. There was one really daring day where she was slowly working her way up and down this guys cock out in public with people literally around her.

To Squirt Or Not To Squirt?
Naomi Woods has successfully squirted a total of three times in her entire life. She can do it but needs to learn to let go a little bit more in order to do it more regularly.

Dick Size Quiz
We presented Namoi Woods with two scenarios and requested that she choose one of them. The first was taking a 5 inch and thick dick. The second was taking 10 inches of thin dick.

Her response was neither. Naomi’s ideal cock is 7 inches and thick. She’d rather have a thicker cock than a long one. Given that she has a really tiny tight pussy, she doesn’t want to bottom out on the guy. Naomi likes when a guy has a thick johnson, but bottoming out physically hurts.

Shake It Fast, Watch Ya Self!
We needed to know whether or not Naomi Woods likes to watch herself fuck on camera. When she does, it’s only to critique herself and nothing more.

Dick Pics
Look, we got the scoop from Naomi when it comes to sending her dick pics. She’s not a fan of them at all. Don’t send her any. The reason she’s not into them right now is that she’s more into girls these days than guys. That explains why she’s been having all those wet dreams thinking about hot girls while sleeping.

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