Brooke Haze Camsoda Confessional

Brooke Haze Camsoda Confessional

Brooke Haze Talks About Having Sex In The Club, Hating Anal And Describes Her Ideal Woman

We kicked the conversation off by discussing her porn habits. Not her habit of doing porn but indulging in the act of watching it. I didn’t take her for such a lesbian porn fan, but that’s exactly what she’s into. The main reason why Brooke Haze watches lesbian porn is very simple. Doing so makes her horny, far more horny than if she were watching any other type of porn.

The Perfect Women (Designed By Brooke Haze)

Here is what Brooke Haze had to say when asked to build her ideal woman.

1. She wants a girl with a big booty because she herself is a butt girl.

2. B or C cup breasts will do just fine for her.

3. The girl must have a decent size waist. In other words, she’s not looking for a girl with no curves. The woman must have curves and that’s how that needs to go. Curvy girls are welcome, all else are not.

The Craziest Sexperience

When asked what the craziest sex experience was that Brooke had ever had, she claimed it was having sex in the car. Here’s how things went down. She ended up going to the movies with her boyfriend at the time. They went to go see 50 Shades of Gray. It was an early movie and they were looking for something to do after watching the film.

Somehow they ended up just driving around after and quickly ended up in a vacant parking lot. They decided to just fuck there given how horny they were. People had stopped a couple of times and they almost got caught because the car was so steamed up.

Brooke Haze did not care about getting people seeing her. It actually turns out that she likes having people watch her while she’s fucking.

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