Leisha Lush Camsoda Confessional

Leisha Lush Camsoda Confessional

Leisha Lush Tells All In This Sex Confessional

Leisha likes to watch the girl on girl porn because she’s a bisexual girl herself. She likes watching squirting porn videos is that it’s rare to see. Since squirting isn’t that common, it seems to turn her on more.

What’s Leisha Lush Like When It Comes To Sex?

Well, one thing that we learned during this confessional was that she’s more into guys but will fuck girls for sure. Honestly, most of the cam girls prefer hardcore sex. If you’re down for using handcuffs, being rough, choking, slapping, calling her names, then she’s down.

Track Meet Locker Hate Fuck Payback

This is a crazy story that Leisha shared with us during the recording. She fucked some lucky stud to get back at her boyfriend but what happened when she did was priceless.

Outdoor Sex At The Movies

This is another good story that she shares with us. One night Leisha and a guy friend of hers headed to the movies. The intentions were clear as crystal, she was there for sex and that’s it.

Cuckold Sex Fun

After being briefed on it, she quickly agreed that it sounds extremely fun and she’d be down to partake. However, there is one condition and that is that she wants to be the one fucking!

Her Ultimate Fantasy

Her fantasy would consist of a late night sex session in a huge open field. Picture stars in the sky and a full moon bright as can be. She’d like to be in the back of a jeep with the top off have intimate and passionate sex with some guy.

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