Top 10 Sexiest Models of Russuia in 2015

Top 10 Sexiest Models of Russuia in 2015

# Top 10 Sexiest Models of Russuia in 2015 :
There’s something about Russians.

While many perceive and portray them as a staunch, frowning and cold people, Russians are often quite jovial, enjoy messing with you and will likely use cunning wit rather than slapstick humor to get a rise out of others.

They also boast some of the best genes in the world. Look around the world of celebrities and you’ll find some of the best looking people hail from Russia – notable names like Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova come to mind.

While the tennis world has a reputation for their Russian beauties, the modeling world has its fair share of Russian flair as well. Many of the lovely ladies you see in high end commercials often hail from Russia – and really, when you want a beautiful woman with a piercing gaze in your perfume commercial, where else would you go?

Russian beauty is an entity in it’s own right. Every culture has a unique “flavor” to their good looks, whether it’s South America’s tanned skin, Scandanavia’s blonde hair, or Canadian girls scantily clad in a snowstorm. Russian girls have an almost stoic beauty – silent, emotionless at times, but deadly – and incredibly beautiful. Kind of complex, but at the end of the day, just downright good looking.

Their models might be Russia’s greatest gift since the likes of sports star Alex Ovechkin, and even though we don’t always agree with them, we’re all on the same page with Russia when it comes to their ladies.

10. Vika Falileeva – Siberia’s Finest
9. Emiliya Vishnevskaya – From Modeling To Singing
8. Gia Skova – The Beauty Of The Volga
7. Anna Kournikova – The “Athlete”
6. Natalia Vodianova – The Supernova
5. Masha Novoselova – Ms. Steamy
4. Anne Vyalitsyna – The Versatile Model
3. Natasha Poly – The Familiar Face
2. Valentina Zelyaeva – The Vocal Model
1. Irina Shayk – The Top Dog

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