Brooklyn Chase Camsoda Confessional

Brooklyn Chase Camsoda Confessional

Brooklyn Chase Talks Porn Scenes, Double Vag, Sex Fantasies & More
She explained that the six years seems a lot longer and that “porn years” actually feel like dog years. I guess that’s because she’s been orgasming so damn often! It’s gotta be a super intense lifestyle and something that certainly makes her feel like she’s living every day to the fullest.

Brooklyn confirmed that within the last six months, she had started doing anal sex scenes. Just a couple of days ago she did her very first interracial double penetration scene and airtight scene. That’s a lot of dick at once, no doubt about that!

Porn Fantasies
Given that Brooklyn is such a porn superstar, we wanted to know if she had any fantasies she’d like to fulfill. According to her, the only other thing she wants to try is a double vag scene. She admitted that she doesn’t know how it works but she wants to try and shoot it. My guess is that Brooklyn Chase is going to be able to accomplish this goal. I’d bet my money on her taking two dick in her vagina before the end of 2018.

Brooklyn Chase has done gangbangs, girl on girl and every other fantasy that she’s ever had except for a good old-fashioned double vag session. Trust me, I’m sure we ALL want to see this happen, no doubt!

Her Ideal Orgy Or Gangbang
Brooklyn stated that her ideal orgy would consist of four guys and five girls. All with different size dicks as she wants a variety of shapes and sizes.

Of course, we went right into her favorite dick size and she said that she doesn’t have a favorite dick size. In fact, size doesn’t really matter to her. Brooklyn is small so an average size cock that’s thick and girthy is fine for her.

In terms of the types of sex that she likes to have in order of favorite to least favorite, she loves vaginal, oral, then anal. Since she’s just kicked off her anal sex adventure, it’s not something that she’s had much experience with so she can’t list it as her favorite.

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