Sofi Ryan Camsoda Confessional

Sofi Ryan Camsoda Confessional

Sofi Ryan Confesses To Loving Tacos, Italian Food, Hardcore Sex Positions & More!

What we did was kick things off with some small talk, discussing how she’s only been in the industry for about a year. We asked her if she had ever ended up doing anything that she previously mentioned she would never do. She has stuck to her guns on that and hasn’t done anything unwanted. We respect that about her for sure. As far as her perception of the industry and porn life in general, she loves it and really enjoys being in the industry.

Sex Positions
Sofi said that she likes the “crazy ones” like the piledriver. That’s actually her favorite sex position. For those unfamiliar with the position, it’s when the girl is upside down on the ground and the guy picks her up and essentially drives his dick straight into the girl. Truth be told, it’s a badass position to fuck in. This position is as fun as can be and Sofi agrees with that statement!

Dicks – Lets Size Things Up
Sofi doesn’t have an ideal penis size. If you know how to use it then everything is good to go for her. We asked her to show us the biggest penis that she’s ever fucked and she couldn’t really give us a definitive answer here. However, one thing is certain, because there are so many different people in the industry and she’s taken a lot of dick over the past year. It’s pretty tough for her to say what’s largest in terms of length and girth.

Masturbation Talk
How funny is this, Sofi Ryan has never masturbated to her own porn, but she does watch it. You might be wondering, why on earth does she watch it then? Well, she likes to critique her work to determine what she’d like to change in order to make her videos better.

Unfulfilled Fantasy Fun
Sofi has plans to do just about everything imaginable on camera in 2018.

She wants to expand her career and do everything that she hasn’t done. The only scenes she’s filming now are boy/girl and that’s likely to change very soon. Something for us to look forward to right!

Best Sex Ever
Apparently, Sofi loves giving sloppy blowjobs, I’m talking spit everywhere too. There’s nothing hotter than a hot girl spitting on a hard cock. She also likes just having vaginal sex. One thing she hasn’t done in her porn or personal life is anal sex. Will she? Meh, tough to say really. She may try anal in the future but that’s still up in the air at this point in time. I wouldn’t bet on it if I were you.

One that thing we love is the fact that Sofi Ryan has never had a fake orgasm ever. She just doesn’t fake them and for that, we respect her even more!

We ended up discussing the differences between sex in her personal and professional life.

Sofi said that the positions are different. There’s no worrying about opening up to the camera so it’s more intimate and personal. When on cam she doesn’t necessarily give a fuck about the guy. Sofi simply cares about her own performance focusing on content creation more than anything.

Of course, we had to ask about threesomes and orgies. Sofi Ryan was quick to admit that she doesn’t do orgies, but does enjoy a threesome. She has actually done a lot of them but typically prefers having sex with one person only. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’d all love some one-on-one time with Sofi.

We discussed things like bondage and BDSM, but she admitted to not knowing anything about it. She hasn’t tried anything like that and just isn’t into any of it. If you’re looking for a BDSM cam girl, then you’ll find plenty of them here on Camsoda.

The last thing we covered was what turns her on as well as public sex fantasies she’d like to fulfill. If you’ve got Italian food and tacos on hand, then you’re in a great position for banging Sofi.

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