Gia Vendetti Camsoda Confessional

Gia Vendetti Camsoda Confessional

Gia Vendetti: Tall Porn Newbie Confesses All Her Sex Fantasies & Secrets

Did I mention how much we love newbies?

We really love them! In fact, there’s nothing better than have a hot new porn girl join forces with us on Camsoda. Now because she’s so new, there’s not much that we can share about her aside from what we’ve learned in our Camsoda Confessional clip.

Truth be told, Gia Vendetti has always loved sex and they talked her into it. We can’t argue with that!

We then asked Gia what her favorite sex position was while filming porn. It turns out she likes it from behind and claims that it’s all because her ass is perfect and you get a perfect shot of her ass that way, lol. That’s funny because we think it’s absolutely perfect too!

Gia likes filming some of the POV shoots too, but the main reason she likes the doggy style position when shooting a scene is that it looks good and feels even better. My guess is that it has everything to do with the fact that those dicks she’s taking run deeper that way! Hey, you can’t knock a girl that knows what she likes.

Her Ultimate Porn Fantasy & Ideal Cock Size
We asked Gia if there was a fantasy scene that she hadn’t done that she’s looking forward to doing. Her answer was unpredictable. Gia is looking forward to an all-girl orgy at some point in time in the near future. The scene would consist of four or five girls (including her) and those girls best be ready to be all over her. Oh, let me not forget that she insists on blondes being in the mix too because that’s her type of girl. They have more fun and that’s what she wants. Basically, if anyone is willing to shoot a scene that consists of Gia Vendetti and a bunch of hot girls, then please contact her or us!

Ideal Penis Size
Time to talk ideal penis size. We asked Gia what she liked and her answer was, “I love all penises, no discriminating here.” However, we got to the core of it and she does want something to work with.

Now is probably a good time to say that she doesn’t think any dick is too big.

Types of Sex, Positions Too
We asked Gia what kind of sex she enjoyed. It turns out she’s all about the oral and vaginal combo. She’s never done an anal scene (but this girl here has). However, anal sex is not something that’s completely off the table at this point in time.

Dating While Working In Porn Star
We discussed her dating life as a porn star and the type of people that she prefers to date. Gia actually doesn’t like dating while working in the industry. If she did, she would rather date someone in the industry because they are all tested and clean on a regular basis and there is no drama or conflict.

Since we were on the porn subject, we needed to know if she’d ever faked an orgasm. Her answer was that she’d done is before and claimed to actually be quite good at it. She’s a pro faker but doesn’t want people thinking that she does it all the time.

Personal Fetishes
We love knowing the darkest and deepest secrets that all or cam girls have, even the new ones. However, not all the girls have fetishes. Gia is open and doesn’t have any fetishes at all. She is into people playing with her feet but isn’t into sucking on toes herself. If you’ve got that foot fetish, then she’s game to have some fun with you. If you want to suck her toes, then go for it, just don’t expect reciprocation from her.

As far as instant turn-ons are concerned, she explained that manly me with big muscles, beards, and guys that were tall instantly turned her on. Basically, if you’re a rough lumberjack man with big muscles and a big dick, then she’s the perfect girl for you!

Sex In Public (Not For Porn)
Some girls like to have sex in public while shooting scenes. Others will do anything in public just to have more sex. Gia falls under the personal life public fucking fan list. She’s fucked in a hot spring in the middle of a bunch of people. Yes, all for pure pleasure. Basically, she was on top of her man, just riding the guy the whole time underwater.

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