Aaliyah Hadid Camsoda Confessional

Aaliyah Hadid Camsoda Confessional

Aaliyah Hadid Confessional Clip Round Two
We kicked things off discussing a few hardcore topics, one of which was double penetration. We hit her with the question asking if she was DTF “double time” and she said absolutely!

In fact, Aaliyah admitted that she recently had her first DP and she said it was “fucking amazing.” She wanted to have one for so long but waited until she got back to sunny South Florida to do that. If you didn’t know that’s where she got her start doing porn.

As far as DP details are concerned, she took two dicks, one in the pussy and one by way of anal. No double vag and no double anal but that’s in the works behind the scenes. Speaking of lots of dick, Aaliyah loves gangbangs and double penetration. Basically, anything with multiple dicks that she can suck and fuck, then fill her up! That’s essentially what she told us in a nutshell. If anyone wants to do that…my advice is to hit her up.

She’s Into BDSM
Yes, you heard that right, Aaliyah told us that she’s into BDSM. As far as roles go, she is a submissive, not a slave. Basically, Aaliyah is into the Christian Gray type stuff but hates being spanked. Sensual spitting, choking but not degrading.

She’s all about being tied up too. We got into it here and she admitted to wanting to be tied up both in public and in someone’s dungeon. Basically, she likes that feeling of never being able to get out. Spooky and scary AF for some but enjoyable for others like her! I guess that where her fantasy about being kidnapped and fucked comes from.

Porn Scenes
We had to know what type of porn scenes this beautiful girl likes to do, given that she’s been in the industry since late 2016.

Her response, she loves blowjob scenes because she’s really into sucking dick. Aaliyah is also very much into boy/girl/girl scenes as well as gangbangs. Now’s probably an appropriate time to mention that she has a real fetish for sucking dick and getting her face fucked. Perhaps that’s why she’s so damn good at it now!

If you’re interested in taking her private, which I highly recommend doing, then check out her profile here. My guess is that she’ll do just about anything your little heart desires and probably more!

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