Cecilia Lion Camsoda Confessional

Cecilia Lion Camsoda Confessional

Cecilia Lion Video: Live B/G Sex Experience, Tossing Salad, Favorite Performers & More!

Wild Time In Bed
Cecilia Lion hasn’t had too much experience in terms of wild sex acts, but the first boy/girl webcam show was probably the wildest thing she’s done to date. Cecilia loved having sex on cam with a guy and even likes watching it too. The purpose of viewing isn’t for personal pleasure but for critiquing and studying the visual aspects of it all.

Watching Porn
As for her taste in porn watching, she really doesn’t care to watch any specific type of porn. Instead, she’s more into porn when it’s focused on the girl versus the guy. If porn simply focuses on just the guy and his dick going in and out, then she’s not interested.

Threesomes With Pornstars
We asked Cecilia Lion who she would choose for her ideal threesome. It should come as no surprise that she chose a couple of insanely sexy adult performers. Her threesome of chose would include Gina Valentia and Aidra Fox.

No Salad Tossing
One thing Cecilia Lion won’t do in bed is “eat” a guys ass. She won’t eat a guys ass and that’s final. No rim jobs for guys, it’s not her thing and she’s simply not down with doing it, so don’t even ask.

Orgy Time
One thing we like to cover is whether or not the cam girls are into orgies. She said that she’d be down to have an orgy assuming she can pick the people.

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