CharBFit Camsoda Confessional

CharBFit  Camsoda Confessional

CharBFit Confesses To Loving Lingerie, Public Sex, No Panties & More

Favorite Thing To Do In Bed

Char B mentioned that playing with her toy was her favorite bedroom activity. She has a little pink bunny with ears that vibrates like you wouldn’t believe. CharBFit masturbates every morning and every night, which means that she wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy! Life is good!

Anal Sex Talk

CharBFit shared a witty saying with us when we started talking about anal sex. I’d never heard someone say, “Any hole is a goal,” but hot damn did I like the sound of that! She couldn’t possibly be more right when it comes to that! In short, she likes having anal sex.

Sex In Public

According to CharBFit, public sex is amazing! Based on her initial response, I knew then and there that this naughty cam girl has fucked in public before. She loves it outside and enjoys doing it in a field setting.

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