Yasmin Scott Camsoda Confessional

Yasmin Scott  Camsoda Confessional

Yasmin Scott Talks DP, Anal Sex, Guy Sucking His Own Dick & More!

Yasmin admits that she’s proactively trying to fulfill her gangbang fantasy as she was speaking with someone about it recently.

When it comes to being submissive she is all about guys being in total control and super aggressive. The more aggressive the better and you best believe that she’s all for guys biting and doing crazy stuff. Just let your mind run wild and see what you come up with. Chances are she’ll be totally down for just that and then some!

Fuck Famous People
We asked Yasmin which famous people she’d like to fuck if given the chance. Angelina Jolie and Madonna were the two that she shared almost immediately! She likes Brad Pitt too and had a huge crush on the younger Arnold Schwarzenegger.

DP – Double Penetration
Yes, Yasmin has done double penetration and she said that it’s really good. DP is amazing and she loves the feeling of having two dicks inside her at once.

Type of Guy
Intelligence and humor are two major influencers in this department.

Signature Move In Bed
Yasmin doesn’t have a signature move in bed, but she does like to watch herself fucking through reflective surfaces such as mirrors and other surfaces. If you get a chance to bang her and there’s a mirror nearby, work that into play and you’re going to score major points!

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