Ryan Keely Camsoda Confessional

Ryan Keely  Camsoda Confessional

Ryan Keely Confesses To Loving Spankings, BDSM, Trucker Mustaches & More

Signature Move In Bed
We wanted to know what Ryan’s signature move in bed was and it’s “just spreading her legs, laying back and getting fucked nice and hard.”

Fun fact: Ryan can orgasm very quickly within the first five minutes of having sex.

“Go-To” Masturbating Fantasy
She doesn’t really have a “go-to” fantasy due to watching way too much porn at an early age. Instead, she likes to watch some non-pornographic TV shows with sexy actors and actresses in them. Her mind wonders from there and things take shape. Eventually, the juices are flowing and she’s orgasming!

Is She A Squirter?
Ryan doesn’t like to guarantee a squirt so all bets are off for her on that. However, that’s not to say that she cannot make it happen. Yes, she’s done it before but forcing it almost always causes stage fright.

Something That Turns Her On Instantly
Ryan had a strange turn on that she shared with us.
People that are bigger than her… I know, it sounds a bit strange but I guess it has to do with the fact that she’s 5’9″ and bigger than most people out there. She also enjoys someone touching the back of her neck.

Most Public Placed Masturbated
The craziest place was an outdoor shopping mall.

Funny story, Ryan attempted to quit smoking by masturbating in public with a toy instead of lighting up, LOL. It was super dangerous because she was doing it in her car! Imagine driving down the street and seeing some smoking hot girl masturbating. That alone is enough to cause a traffic jam of the decade.

Ryan Keely likes shooting fetish and BDSM scenes, but she doesn’t get to indulge in that type of stuff in her personal life. It’s mainly because people get very intimidated by her. That said, most of the casual sex she has is not in a BDSM setting. If she’s lucky enough to actually get fucked off camera, it typically just straight sex and that’s it.

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