Kendra Heart Camsoda Confessional

Kendra Heart Camsoda Confessional

Kendra Heart Talks Ball Fetish, Famous Fucking, Weird Sex & More

Dominant or Submissive?

Kendra Heart frequently switches back and forth from dominant to submissive but deep down inside she’s a true submissive. The good news is that she’s one talented girl. Yes, she can do a little dominatrix and we appreciate that for it helps us fulfill our fetish at times.

Unfulfilled Sex Fantasy

This seems to be a very popular fantasy these days. Many girls including Kendra want to peg a guy.

Weirdest Sex Experience

We covered the weird sex topic and Kendra shared a funny story with us. She was at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Tampa, FL and while there she had an orgy with three couples. Apparently, she was going down on one girl and the girl farted. That was just the beginning because, during that same orgy, she was going down on one guy and burnt his balls on a bidet toilet. He screamed so loud that they called the police. That was where her ball fetish was born!

You heard right, Kendra Heart has a fetish and likes to wash balls. Even better, she loves them on her face.

Instant Turn On

If you ever have the pleasure of getting extra close with this porn star, then you’ll want to know what turns her on instantly. Something that turns her on instantly which one might call “her button” is touching her right on her hips. She gets so fucking turned on when that happens. Did I mention that she’s a squirter? Yes, she squirts a lot. If that’s what you’re into then you just hit the cam girl lottery I guess!

As far as guys go, she doesn’t really have any type so to speak. If a dick is in front of her, she’ll suck it. Simple as that! However, when it comes to dating, she loves a redneck with a beard. I guess the way their beards feel on her inner thigh gets her going.

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