Lily Rader Camsoda Confessionals

Lily Rader Camsoda Confessionals

Lily Rader Shares Her Break In Fuck Fantasy, Baseball Field, and Church Sex Stories

We went ahead and kicked the confessional interview off discussing Lily’s porn-watching habits. Apparently, this teen porn star loves to watch BDSM porn and bondage porn clips.

Just How Rough?

If she can move, wiggle, come untied or get away then she’s turned off by that and it’s simply not enough. She likes full-on bondage!

Biggest Fantasy

Basically, in this fantasy, Lily would be hanging out at home in bed, when all of the sudden three guys break into her place. They totally take control of her and do whatever they want. Perhaps they even “kidnap” her in a sense of the way. She’d be awake when the three guys break in and would struggle with them at first.

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