Karma Rx Camsoda Confessional

Karma Rx Camsoda Confessional

Karma Rx Confesses Love For Big Cock, Fucking Strangers, and a Gangbang Fantasy

She’s got this fantasy of being tied up wrist to ankles on a public street corner. In this fantasy, there are random people passing by fondling her. As they pass by, the people stick things in just about any “place” that you can think about.

Craziest Places Ever Had Sex
Most porn stars have had sex in lots of strange places. Karma Rx is one that’s banged in more places than you can even imagine. How’s this for crazy, she’s fucked in a graveyard on Valentine’s Day on top of someone’s tombstone!

Biggest Turn On

Every girl has things that turn her on and Karma definitely has her turn-ons and turn-offs.

She’s the type of girl that likes confidence. If you’re blessed with it, then awesome. One other thing that turns her on is the typical stranger. She gets easily turned on by strangers and if you run into her, then act like you haven’t got a clue who she is or what she does.

What Wouldn’t You Do?

There’s not much that Karma Rx wouldn’t do in the bedroom. If you’re the type that likes to adventure or do strange stuff in bed, then Karma might be the girl for you. She specifically stated during the Camsoda Confessional that she doesn’t have any “hard no’s” in her life. Music to the fetish lovers ears!?

Older vs Younger Guys

She previously would only fuck older dudes but has since shifted and changed her ways. Why? Well, she would rather fuck a 26-year-old that’s amazing with a ton of energy and a giant cock. Can’t really argue with that I guess!

Biggest Sex Fantasy

Karma Rx wants six guys all at once. Two dicks in her hand, all her holes filled and an extra one jerking off on her stomach. If you’ve got a group of friends that are down to make that happen, then I suggest you round up the troops and it her up!

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