Moriah Mills Camsoda Confessional

Moriah Mills Camsoda Confessional

Moriah Mills Spills The Beans During A Cam Confessional Rapid Fire Question Round

Wasting zero time here, I’ll get cranking on Moriah’s responses to the “Would You Rather” questions. Here’s what you need to know about this perfectly built black beauty.

1. Would you rather cheat on your partner or have your partner think you cheated on them even though you didn’t?

Given that Libra’s like to make their men jealous, she would much rather prefer her man think she cheated on him versus her actually cheating on him.

My guess is that Moriah Mills gets turned on by the fact that a man is potentially jealous. Some women are like this and that’s quite common.

2. Would you rather have sex with celeb crush once or fuck your real life crush for the rest of your life?

Moriah would rather have sex with her celeb crush at least once versus just banging her real life crush everyday and no one else. She claims it would be far more fun to fuck a different guy every time.

3. Would you rather have sex with a celebrity you hate or with an ex?

Now, this answer I wasn’t surprised by at all either. She would rather have sex with a celeb she hates because she never goes back to ex’s. There’s a reason why they are an ex and going back to them is just something she prefers not doing.

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