Blake Carter Camsoda Confessional

Blake Carter Camsoda Confessional

Blake Carter Shares Her Intimate Sex Secrets All On Video

We went ahead and kicked things off with some porn talk per usual. It’s always nice to get in the heads of these cam girls to learn what they like and why when it comes to watching porn. Blake Carter said that she mainly prefers to watch three different types of porn.

Blake’s Ideal Girl

I always love asking this question to a girl that loves pussy. When we asked Blake what her ideal girl was like, she had to think about it a bit. After putting some thought into it, she came back with a laundry list of requirements.

Dick Preference and Her Ideal Guy

She likes a dick that has bigger than average girth but one that’s not too long. Any super long cock is one that she’s not going to be able to deepthroat.

Unfulfilled Sex Fantasy

There is one sexual fantasy that Blake would like to eventually fulfill and that having a big orgy with a bunch of girls and two guys. She wants the orgy to be huge and just a scene of girls eating each other out and using toys. The kicker here is that the guys would have to behave themselves in the corner and would essentially be put in a cuckold situation. However, just before the fun ends, she said she’d let them join in on the fun to get a nut off.

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