Danielle Sharp – Top Sexiest Model #100

Danielle Sharp - Top Sexiest Model #100

Full name: Danielle Kristie Sharp
DOB: August 21, 1992
Place of birth: Grimsby, England
Occupation: Model and fashion blogger

Danielle Sharp Facts
Danielle is more than just a pretty face (and insane body). She’s got a degree in Fashion Brand Management.

She is a vegetarian.

She bloody loves Aldi.

Why We Love Danielle Sharp
Danielle Kristie Sharp is the hottest model in Modelsville right now. In the space of two shorts years, she’s gone from blushing newbie to A-list cover star, and now finds herself regularly being referred to as ‘Britain’s answer to Kate Upton’. Is ‘Kate Upton’ even a question? We’re not sure. But if she is, Danielle makes for a pretty convincing response.

Basically, if Danielle were any hotter right now, these pages would be glowing like molten lava, and you’d be screaming in agony as you stared down in horror at the charred flesh dripping from your scorched hands.


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