20 Sexiest Tattoo Models Of 2015

20 Sexiest Tattoo Models Of 2015

# 20 Sexiest Tattoo Models Of 2015 :
There is a certain look that guys (and girls) go wild for – the full body coverage of tattoos, multiple piercings, brightly colored hair and geeky t-shirts. Models who hold rock this look can become a huge name overnight as everyone just can’t help but fall into full admiration.

Then in 2001, the Suicide Girls website launched and all of a sudden a sea of alternative, punky and incredibly hot women had a place to display their own true beauty. This is not a place which is considered an adult site – instead, it’s a celebration of those who dare to be different. To date the website features over 2,700 Suicide Girls who have been carefully selected from the 25,000 applications they receive each year.

With this alternative appeal on the rise and an undying interest from across the world, this is one trend which we won’t be seeing the back of anytime soon. We have carefully selected the most popular and sexiest tattoo models of 2015, which we are sure is a decision you will firmly agree with.

20. Rachel Rampage
19. Jemmy Showler
18. Alysha Nett
17. Kayla Baines
16. Annasthesia Suicide
15. Lauren Fernandez
14. Lua Suicide
13. Angelica Anderson
12. Dannika Daisy
11. Roxy Lee Heart
10. Ashley Michelle
9. Jade Allison
8. Kaitlyn Mason
7. Karlee Jane
6. Riae Suicide
5. Maud Suicide
4. Pandora Blue
3. Christy Mack
2. Sabina Kelley
1. Ruby Rose

Source Staff : therichest

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